The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) published their Spring 2018 magazine that featured the Gibran Chair's International Development program, Women As Partners In Progress in a four-page spread. The article, which was titled, "By Women, for Women- and the World" falls under this issue's theme, "Brave Spaces: BSOS faculty embolden Terps to build bridges in divisive times". 

The article details Women As Partners in Progress, the three countries in which the program is being implemented, and the three phases of the program; synthesizing existing quantitative and qualitative knowledge, finding and connecting women leaders at Knowledge Seminars in the three countries, and creating a plan of action with those women. The article also details the forward trajectory of the program by highlighting the creation of a virtual hub that will "build community and bring together individuals with different backgrounds and knowledge."


"This project has an enormous impact on leadership development for women in the Middle East and North Africa," said Dean Gregory Ball, dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. "The work aligns with our college's focus on investigating the social and behavioral dimensions of international challenges, and on supporting the development of practical applications and policies to bring about lasting change. BSOS is proud to engage in this effort."

Gibran Chair Magazine

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