Sharing with our readers the Gibran Chair Third Annual Report is a pleasure.

This report covers the activities of the Gibran Chair between April 2018 and June 2019. It also presents the major upcoming activities until the end of 2019. We, at the Gibran Chair, receive many requests asking us about the Gibran Chair activities. This report responds to all of these requests. Your emails to us show that our audience/readers are interested in both the academic pillar of the Gibran Chair and the International Development pillar. 

This Third Annual Report attempts to cover the symposia, lectures, activities, publications, media coverage, and outreach under both pillars. It also gives you important statistics about these activities. Many of you participated and/or attended these events, this report gives those who attended a summary about each activity, and for those who could not participate the report highlights the major components of each activity. 

Enjoy getting to know the Gibran Chair better.


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