The Gibran Chair is delighted to announce that a new book about Gibran titled "In Search of a Prophet: A Spiritual Journey with Kahlil GibranBy Paul-Gordon Chandler will be published in September 2017, by Rowman and Littlefield. The publisher states that: “In Search of a Prophet" is a fascinating journey through the spiritual life of Kahlil Gibran, author of the bestselling book The Prophet. Capturing our imaginations and enriching our spirits, Chandler explores this beloved writer and artist, a mystic who sought to build bridges and tear down walls.
This is not a biography, but a compelling spiritual journey through Gibran’s writings, art and the places he lived. A unique blend of East and West, Gibran moved beyond religion to the core of universal spirituality. His voice is timeless, appealing to heart and mind, faith and reason, a much-needed guide for our times.”
The publisher also states that: “The book traces Kahlil Gibran’s spiritual development and highlights what his spirituality, shown through his writings and art, has to offer us today. The depth, originality, and universality of Gibran’s spirituality has much to offer us at this moment in time, both in building bridges between the East and West, and their creeds and cultures, as well as tapping into the hunger in the West for a spirituality that is non-religious/institutional.
The research for this book has taken the author to all the places integral to Gibran’s life journey: beginning in the snowy mountains of Lebanon, at Gibran’s birthplace in the village of Bsharri near the great Cedar forest, where the Kahlil Gibran Museum is located, to Boston, Paris, London, New York City, Detroit (Dearborn), Savannah, Georgia (where the largest collection of Gibran paintings in the US is held), and Mexico City (visiting Carlos Slim’s Soumaya Museum, which holds the largest collection of Gibran’s art and writings).
In Search of a Prophet presents Kahlil Gibran’s spiritual development, and the unique spirituality that he eventually and all-too- briefly was able to espouse, blending East and West. The hope and intention of the book is that the reader is introduced to the type of all-embracing spirituality that Gibran’s life bequeathed to all, and encourages the reader to further explore his writings. Not only do we get insights into Gibran and his life, writings and art, but we are guided through them on a personal journey of the author, who follows in the footsteps of Gibran in this exploration of his life and spirituality: traveling to the places that relate to Gibran’s personal formation. The author seeks to take the reader on a spiritual journey through Gibran’s life and works that will touch the readers lives in a transformative way.”
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