The Kahlil Gibran Chair for Values and Peace is pleased to share 20 quotations from emails Director May Rihani received as feedback on the Second Annual Report of the Gibran Chair.  Director Rihani received over 70-75 emails in response to the Annual Report, and the sample chosen below was selected to give you an idea about the feedback of our readers.

The below 20 quotations represent feedback from academia as well as the political and private sectors. The select quotations are from the following countries: Bangladesh, Canada, Lebanon, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.

1- Prof. Aliyu Y. Abdulkadir
The Gibran Society
Gombe University
"Hearty Congratulations on a year of outstanding achievement at the Gibran Chair for Values and Peace.
I have studied the report, and feel honoured that the Gibran Society has been so recognized. I have shared the report with our Board, and the rest of the team. We will also share it online. Thank you and congratulations once again. "

2- Dr. Ali Alhakami
Advisor, Ministry of Education
Saudi Arabia.
"Dear May,
Many thanks for sharing with me the Gibran Chair Second Annual Report.  I am so pleased with the important achievements of the chair and the impact it is making."

3- Ms. Lily Bitar
Washington, D.C.
"This work that you are achieving is to be proud of and “yirfaa ras Libnan”! May God keep you going and may he keep you contributing to Lebanon’s pride."

4- Mr. Ken Bowers
Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahai's of the United States
Chicago, IL
"Dear May,
Mojgan and I are deeply grateful to receive the marvelous second annual report of the Gibran Chair. We are particularly impressed with the manner in which you have conceived the work of the Chair in the form of the two mutually reinforcing aspects of scholarship and service in the field of action. In the latter category we cannot too highly praise your efforts for “Women as Partners in Progress” – an issue that is relevant not only to the Arab nations but also the world over, and genuinely expressive of Gibran’s universal values.
It is also delightful to see your extraordinary efforts to work with other outside organizations and university departments – among them the Bahá'í Chair for World Peace – and that you included several photos of our dear niece Mona!
Please accept our heartfelt congratulations for another year of outstanding achievements. We wish you the very best in your future endeavor and pray that divine blessings will accompany your devoted services to humanity."

5- Mr. Paul-Gordon Chandler
Author, Founder of CARAVAN Arts
Chicago, IL.
"Dear May, 
Congratulations on this Annual Report.  It was most encouraging to read and it looks marvelous.
It has been such an honor to collaborate together this last year.  And I look forward to much up ahead together in the future."

6- Prof. Nuwar Diab,
Associate Professor of English and Applied Linguistics, Lebanese American University (LAU)
Beirut, Lebanon.
"Dear May,
I just read your report. It's wonderful in terms of content as well as layout and finishing quality! I admire the many activities you have engaged in, especially the new initiative regarding the role of women as partners in peace. Congratulations on a job very well done."

7- Mr. and Mrs. Ahmad and Abir El Assaad,
Political Activists
"Our sincere Congratulations May!!
It is always wonderful to hear such beautiful news that leads us, if only for a moment, to the Lebanon we are looking for.
Spreading the real Lebanese culture is the most patriotic act one can do."

 8- H.E. Amine Gemayel
Former President of Lebanon 
"Merci May pour ton message. Nous sommes tous très fier de toi et de tes «achievements” à la tête de ton institution. Personne mieux que toi ne peux promouvoir avec un tel succès l’œuvre et la mémoire de Gebrane. Mon affection pour toute la famille.  J’espère a bientôt à Freykeh."

9- The Hon. Samy Gemayel, MP
Member of Parliament
"Dear May,
Let me start by a big thank you for your ongoing support. I read your great work and I am really proud of all this hard work. Lebanon and it’s Gibran heritage owe you so much. Hope to see you very soon in Beirut or DC. "

10- Mr. Jay Ghazal
Political activist, Washington, D.C.
"Your work is breathtaking. I am in awe of your accomplishments."

11- Ms. Renu Jain
USAID, Bangladesh
"Dear May,
You are incredible! Within a year you have been able to achieve so much.  All those seminars and workshops, not to mention the three-country project supported by MEPI! I am totally awestruck, and speechless."

12- Prof. Ahmet T. Karamustafa
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History
"This report is more than adequate testimony to the energy, vision, and dynamism that you brought to the Gibran Chair - UMD is truly lucky to have you on board!"

13- Prof. Sahar Khamis
Associate Professor of Communications, College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU)
"Dear May,
Kudos to you and your excellent team for your exceptional work! Keep it up!!"

14- Ms. Donna Jean Middledorf 
The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS), UMD
"Hi May,
Thank you for sharing this with me. I enjoyed reading this. As with all reading material the reader connects with statements, chapters, points of views, etc. Your response to question five is the ultimate unfinished battle among humans.
This, my dear friend, I pray that the human race will one day unite in love regardless of differences and prejudices. The peace, love, kindness, purposes and mission you educate and write of are a gift I humbly thank you for sharing. "

15- Ms. Randa Muffarej
Montreal, Canada
"Thank you so much for sending me the Gibran Chair second annual report.  May you are doing amazing things for humanity.  Keep doing this inspirational work.  I am really looking forward to the end result of the women's leadership program.  Definitely a change is in the making.  I thank you on behalf of women, men and humanity for all that you are doing.
I thought of you a couple of days ago, I saw the documentary film of Pope Francis "A man of his word".  Very well done and touched my heart deeply.  He is doing amazing things for humanity and affecting change in the Vatican and the world. "

16- The Hon. Nick Rahall
Former Congressman
Virginia, USA
"Dear May,
The Gibran Chair Second Annual Report is beautiful and full of interesting information.  You did and do FANTASTIC work with vigor and empathy unheard of."

17- Prof. Michael Paolisso
Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Anthropology,
"What an impressive annual report!  Thanks very much for sharing, and I loved the digital platform you used.    
Congratulations on your many successes."

18- Mr. Peter J. Tanous
Chairman, Lynx Investment Advisory
Washington, D.C.
"Dear May,
I read the annual report of the Gibran Chair with great interest. I was especially impressed with your interview and learned a lot from it. As you might imagine, in my capacity as a trustee of LAU I took pride in the collaboration of your chair with LAU’s diaspora initiative. 
I also noted your interest in women’s issues and wonder if you know Dr. Lina Abirafeh who heads the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at LAU.  She has done extraordinary work in the field."

19- Prof. Paul Shackel
Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology
"Dear May,
Thank you for providing this wonderful overview.  It is a nicely crafted publication. You have accomplished a lot in a very short time.  Congratulations. We are all proud of the good work you are doing."

20- Ms. Betty Sitka
Coordinator,  Maryland Population Research Center
"Dear May -
This annual report is simply divine ... packed full of great ideas and action, and so well formatted! Congratulations!"


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