The Daily Star Lebanon, a leading English language newspaper in the Middle East wrote about recently uncovered letters and drawings by the Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran.

In the article, Daily Star writer Victoria Yan notes that the collection of 33 letters and drawings by  Gibran to Marie El-Khoury was auctioned for $183,750, around 4 times its pre-estimated value, at Sotheby's Dubai. The original figure for the collection was placed at between $42,000 and $54,000. Multiple bidders sought to claim ownership over various items in the collection, and the auction was “highly contested,” a press release from the art dealer said.

The letters provide a window into Gibran's relationship with El-Khoury. Sotheby's described the collection as an “...extensive group of letters [that] brings to light the last major collection of Gibran memorabilia whose existence was practically unknown until recently.”
Gibran Chair Director May Rihani shared her thoughts on the letters in an interview with the Daily Star. Rihani, who worked first-hand with the letters following their recent acquisition by Sotheby's, stated that Gibran and El-Khoury had an "intimate relationship."
In October of this year, Sotheby's invited Rihani to deliver a lecture and Q&A session in London on the significance of these letters and the process of unfolding the relationship between Gibran and El-Khoury, a relationship unbeknown to many.
Read The Daily Star article here.
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