Date: April 28, 2018

Location: Mckeldin Mall, University of Maryland, College Park

On a sunny Saturday morning, the University of Maryland welcomed thousands of visitors to Maryland Day, our campus’ one-day celebration of learning and discovery. The 20th annual event was one to remember, with over 400 demonstrations, exhibitions, and performances. The Gibran Chair partook in the fun along with a number of other College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Chairs and Departments, namely the Dean’s office.


Gibran Chair Maryland Day 2018 Gibran Chair Maryland Day 2018


The Gibran Chair booth had numerous activities. One was a "Make Your Own Poem" station at which passersby could choose commonly used words and rearrange them on a blackboard to create a work of poetry. Over 50 poems were written throughout the course of the day, with many different writers contributing - from children to adults!


Gibran Chair Maryland Day 2018 Gibran Chair Maryland Day 2018


Another was a "Kahlil Gibran Trivia" game, with 10 questions about the poet’s life and most famous works. Each question was assigned a number of points, which when added could lead to three different prizes: 5 points total awarded a Maryland Alum sticker, 10 points total awarded a handmade watercolor bookmark with arabic caligraphy, and 15+ points awarded a book on the Second International Gibran Conference.


Gibran Chair Maryland Day 2018Gibran Chair Maryland Day 2018


Although the majority who stopped by the table had never heard of Gibran or The Prophet, they were still welcome to play Gibran Trivia with us! The day was thus filled with a multitude of learning about Gibran, through this medium. Our leaderboard of top players included 6 individuals who won bookmarks, and 5 who won books, with the maximum score of the day at 20 points! Many more participated, resulting in all 40 handmade bookmarks being given away before the day ended.


Gibran Chair Maryland Day 2018 Gibran Chair Maryland Day 2018


What a successful day, we are already looking forward to next year!

Maryland Day 2018