Empowering women has many dimensions and components. One component is for the women to know, in an in-depth way, the history of the women's movement in their country and their region. The objective of creating a documentary about the women's movement in the Arab World is to increase women's knowledge about the history and power of this movement. 

The short 26-minute documentary— what is known in many Arab Francophone countries as a court metrage, will focus on the beginning of the women's movement in the Arab World, and on the pioneering women behind it. The geographic focus will be on four Arab countries: Egypt and Lebanon; two countries that represent the strong beginnings of the movement; and Morocco and Jordan; two countries from the WPP project.

The selection of the eight pioneers who will be represented in the documentary was done by the WPP Team at the Gibran Chair at the University of Maryland. Those pioneers are:

  •      Egypt: Huda Sha'rawi and Samira Moussa
  •      Lebanon: May Ziadeh and Laure Moghaizel
  •      Morocco: Malika Al Fassi and Fatima Mernissi
  •      Jordan: Inaam Mufti and Leila Sharaf

The approach was discussed and it was agreed that in addition to using the archives regarding documents and photos, women leaders from each country will be interviewed to discuss the impact these important pioneers had.

The documentary will be based on the Pioneers and Leaders Hub and Knowledge Center about Arab Women. The company that will produce this documentary will use the information that the Hub provides and will be oriented by the vision, mission, and objectives of the Hub.

Production on the documentary began in May 2019 and the documentary will be screened at the WPP Final Conference in Amman, Jordan in August.