Knowledge Seminars

Leadership Workshops


December 2017 (Morocco)

March 2018 (Jordan)

May 2018 (Kuwait)

September 2018 (Morocco)

November 2018 (Jordan)

February 2019 (Kuwait)


30 selected established and emerging leaders from diverse geographic areas- urban and rural, and diverse sectors- government, business, NGO, media, etc, gather to discuss knowledge and data presented during this Seminar to inform their collective choice of two key issues to work on together over the life of the project.


Prior to the Seminars, qualitative and quantitative research was collected from local and international sources including academic journals, universities, think-tanks, and government and international organizations.


Joined with their existing experience, this research informed their choice of two Key Issues. The WPP leaders then drafted an Action Plan in each country.

To further support the efforts of the WPP leaders and their allies as active agents of change, a follow-up Leadership Workshop was held in each country. Action Plan implementation extended from the first circle of 30 Women Leaders who attended the Knowledge Seminar to a widening circle of engaged women leaders and men allies in implementation of the two selected issues under the Action Plan in each country.


The objective of the Workshop was continuing to implement the two key issues chosen by the WPP women leaders during the Knowledge Seminar, and enriching their knowledge and the knowledge of their allies regarding the issues and skills that they need in implementation, such as leadership, decision-making, strategic approaches, collective transformational work, and social innovation.


30 women leaders in each country, a total of 90 women

30+ women and men leaders in each country, a total of 110 women and men

Key Issues:


  1. Violence against women

  2. Equality and citizenship


  1. Increasing Women’s opportunities to enter and be promoted in the Labor Force

  2. Contributing to the change of mindsets regarding gender roles through education and media

  3. Changing the laws that discriminate against women



  1. Aid the State in increasing the percentage of women leaders in decision-making positions

  2. Change the traditional mindsets of men and women regarding gender roles, and, in particular, the glass ceiling.

The workshop highlighted key topics about leadership such as:

  • The necessary skills that increase productivity and results;

  • The many facets of ethical and effective leadership;

  • The traits and characteristics (such as honesty, forward-thinking, active listening, strategic planning,  and anticipating change) of a good leader in the 21st century



English, Arabic, and French (Morocco only)

English, Arabic, and French (Morocco only)



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