Arab women in the Middle East know what they need and what needs to change. And they are making changes across the region.

The goals of the Women as Partners in Progress (WPP) project is to promote women's leadership and gender inclusive policies working with our three partners: in Morocco in North Africa with JossourFFM; in Jordan in the Levant with World of Letters; and in Kuwait in the Gulf with Abolish153. With our partners, we support women leaders in amplifying their voices on issues important to them.

Morocco KS
Women leaders attending the WPP
Knowledge Seminar in Morocco (December 2017)

WPP is unique in its starting point. In each country, we begin with a Knowledge Seminar where 30 selected established and emerging women leaders from diverse geographical areas, urban and rural, and diverse sectors, government, business, NGO, media, etc., discuss the knowledge presented to inform their collective synthesized research, both qualitative and quantitative, is from local and international resources including academic journals, universities, think tanks, and government and international organizations.

Jordan KS
Women leaders attending the WPP
Knowledge Seminar in Jordan (March 2018)


Women leaders use the knowledge to inform their choice of up to three issues. They then draft an action plan. Our partners coordinate implementation of the multi-pronged action plan- leveraging the diverse skills, insights, networks, and expertise of the women as they work together to advance shared goals. To further support their collective action as change agents, WPP jols a follow-up Leadership Workshop in each country.

WPP is funded by MEPI; the Middle East Partnership Initiative. The 30 women leaders with men and women allies from each country will meet at a conference in Jordan near the end of the WPP project. Their expanding professional sharing and possible future joint endeavors will be sustained beyond WPP with a WPP HUB for networking and resources.

Kuwait KS
Women leaders attending the WPP
Knowledge Seminar in Kuwait (May 2018)









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