Event Date and Time
Adele H. Stamp Student Union, Jiminez Room (2208)

Lecture poster; 2017

Short Description of the Presentation:

IN SEARCH OF A PROPHET: Kahlil Gibran – An Unparalleled Guide for Our Times
Paul-Gordon Chandler will take the listener on a fascinating journey through the all- embracing spirituality of Kahlil Gibran, the early 20th century Lebanese-American poet artist and mystic, author of the bestselling book The Prophet. He will explore how Kahlil Gibran, a supreme East-West figure, can be a much-needed guide for our time, related to peace, harmony and building bridges between the creeds of the Middle East and West. His presentation is based on his new book: IN SEARCH OF A PROPHET: A Spiritual Journey with Kahlil Gibran (Rowman & Littlefield, September 2017).
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Short Bio Description:

Paul-Gordon Chandler
Author, art curator, interfaith advocate, Episcopal priest,and authority on Middle East-West relations.
For more information, please visit www.paulgordonchandler.com
Lecture poster, Gibran Chair Lecture: In Search of a Prophet: Kahlil Gibran – An Unparalleled Guide for Our Times